Nutrition Equality Initiative

Universal Access to Local Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

The Nutrition Equality Initiative (NEI) is the first of a series of visions that we have identified. With our community of supporters, we will dedicate 6 months to test the model in villages with children under 20 years of age. If the results prove consistent with our hypothesis, we will find a team to roll out and scale the initiative. Meanwhile the results of this traction around Beyond 2084 will serve to find investors for the pilot episode of our series.

Core Hypothesis

When food is healthy, local, sustainable and seasonal it has so many benefits for a society, that it is benefitial for a government to distribute it for free under some circumstances.

Phase 1: Feedback

Through test location free fruits and vegetables are distributed to the focus group to gather early feedback and improve the design of the study.

Phase 2: Study

While the benefits of free food on improving eating habits is widely demonstrated, more research is needed to prove it as a model for government policy making.

Phase 3: Policy guide

For long term success, a policy guide will be created to support regions and governments in best implementing the Nutrition Equality Initiative.